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5 Great Ways To Save Energy At Home

A recent study conducted by the National Audit Office reports that, ‘Households will have to cope with another 17 years of above-inflation rises in energy bills, as the average cost is due to rise by more than £700 a year by 2030.’

All the big energy companies announced a hike in their prices last year which caused many household to suffer trying to keep up with the costs. According to the Mirror, ‘Household energy bills have risen by an average of £300 a year since the 2010 General Election. All of the Big Six suppliers – British Gas, Npower, SSE, Scottish Power, E.on and EDF Energy – hiked prices last year, by an average of 6.8%, or £92 a year.

Here are some great ways to save energy without compromising on your comfort.

Energy efficient lighting

An effective change you can make in your home is replacing your traditional light bulbs with energy saving lights such as LED and fluorescent lights. James Russell, technical development manager at the Energy Saving Trust, said, “If customers are prepared to pay the up-front higher cost they will quickly calculate that they will see a return on their investment within the first couple of years – and will go on making financial savings for many more years.

According to Energy Saving Trust, ‘Inefficient light bulbs continue to be phased out across the EU – helping people save money and the environment…. Replacing just one traditional bulb with an energy saving light bulb can save you on average £3 a year – and by swapping all your inefficient bulbs in your home you could save around £55 a year. The majority of the 650 million light bulbs in UK homes are inefficient, filament bulbs.’

Adjust thermostat

Setting your thermostat to 1 degree will greatly reduce your energy consumption without any change in the room temperature. According to the Department of Energy, ‘By turning your thermostat back, you can save 5% to 15% a year on your heating bill — a savings of as much as 1% for each degree if the setback period is eight hours long.’

Solar panels

Getting solar panels installed in your home can potentially save you as much as a third on your electricity bills. Based on a study conducted by the Energy Saving Trust, ‘A typical 4kWp system can knock £125 off a family’s bills each year. Electricity prices are predicted to rise massively over the next 20 years, which means the amount you’d save would as well.’

Switching supplier

Recent studies have shown that switching between suppliers could save you a lot of money. According to, ‘On average, customers who used switch savings calculator saved £237 in a year, based on figures gathered between June 2010 and May 2011.’

Better Insulation

Getting your house better insulated will reduce air flow which will make it much easier to control the house temperature. According to Alex Wilson, President of Building Green, ‘Adding additional cellulose insulation to an attic is often one of the most cost-effective strategies for improving the energy performance of a home. Not only will the added insulation reduce heating and air conditioning bills, but it will also improve comfort by helping to seal air leaks.’

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