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A Guide to the Types of Display Lighting

There are many lighting options available these days catering to specific needs of the display industry such as the likes of the jewellery, exhibition,  museum and retail sectors. The right type of lighting is crucial to this industry, hence it is important to understand how to achieve the desired lighting effect and showcase objects in the right ambience. 

So here is a break up of the types of display lighting to understand which option is the best for you.


Spotlights are very versatile and come in a variety of finishes for the desired illumination. They are brilliant for highlighting centrepieces to make it stand out and ideal for cabinet and showcase lighting.
They are easy to install and emits low heat. Certain spotlights allow you to adjust the height to make it flexible enough to fit into any space. Some come with independent adjustable heads to ensure that every angle of a display is illuminated.


Luminaires are great for adding extra sparkle to objects like jewellery and watches and emits low heat with no ultraviolet rays so there is no chance of fading occurring in the merchandise and the surrounding areas.
These lights provide a uniform shadow free illumination and are the closest to replicating natural light. Luminaires are ideal for use in display, shelving, cupboards and low areas. Some types can also be recessed into ceilings and walls for general illumination.


Floodlights are ideal for exhibitions as they can be rotated or tilted to suit any specific requirement in terms of display. The powerful illumination emitted by these lights can cover a wide area of floor space making it the preferred choice to spotlights at exhibitions.


Downlights can light a whole display area with clear, smooth and intense illumination. They are easy to install and provide ease of adjustability. They are suitable for exhibitions, museums, retail stores to hotels, restaurants and even in kitchen environments.


Projectors are powerful lights which can provide light at a great distance, even further in darker environments. They are easy to operate and can last up to 10 years which is when the bulbs may need replacing.

Light sheets and panels

Light sheets and panels are made of clear acrylic and ideal for use in retail, exhibition and museum displays.  These lights are flexible and easy to set up as they require very little space and no recess is needed behind them.
This light source provides a high density of brightness, in white or coloured and comes with dimmable options. They can be custom made to different shapes and sizes to suit any type of display.

Track lighting

This lighting method is great for the retail, museum and exhibition sectors. Lights are installed in a track system that can run along a whole display and provide extra illumination. They can be installed anywhere such as the ceilings, showcases and display cases.

Some tracks are totally transparent to provide an obstruction free display which is easily fixed into place using adhesive pads or tapes. Some come with detachable lights on the track system which can be individually positioned up or down, allowing complete flexibility.