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Enhance Your Dining Experience With Great Dining Room Lighting

Lighting is probably the most important aspect of a dining room.”- Nina Campbell

The dining room is one of the most important rooms for the family as well as for occasions when you have guests over. Lighting makes a big difference to the family and guests experience. It has the power to make or break any kind of interior scheme. According to Douglas Robert Brown, author of the award winning, The Restaurant Managers Handbook, ‘Lighting is more than chandelier here and a lamp there. Well-designed lighting creates a mood, enhances décor, makes it easier and safer to work and makes diners and their food look better.’

A great dining experience involves all our senses. Food is more than just taste. We see it, feel it, hear it and smell it and to achieve the ultimate experience proper lighting is essential. According to HOMEDEC, the Home Decoration Exhibition, ‘Good lighting makes your food tastier. Create ambience through lighting. A raucous party will enjoy brighter cheerful lights while a smaller dinner crowd may appreciate dimmer lights….Food that lacks colour or presentation lessens eating enthusiasm. Indirect lighting can hide these flaws. Your visual senses send a signal to your brain that well-presented food must taste good, and thus, food tastes better.”

Lucy Martin, author of The Lighting Bible says that, ‘The golden rule of good lighting design is to use the right type of light fitting in the right position. A good rule of thumb is to question the function of every fitting. If it does not have a specific task you should delete it from a scheme….The fast progression of technological development in lighting at present makes it easier to try to replicate natural light. However artificial light has different properties and has a different role to play in our built environment.’

Tips for Dining room lighting

Fluorescent lights

These lights are perfect if you want to achieve a bright dining area. They provide a great amount of light and works well as overhead lighting.

Track Lighting

You can highlight desired areas using track lighting. These lights are ideal for giving focus on wall art objects and various other displays.

Mixture of light sources

Having different types of lights in the dining area not only serves as an additional décor but helps create a variety of effects depending on the occasion and mood of the event.

Dimmer Switch

The dimmer switch helps control the brightness of the room. Installing one of these will make the dining area flexible for all occasions.


These lights help create a soft overall glow that gives a pleasing effect. Downlights helps reduce the glare from the diner’s eyes. The use of a diffuser is advised for glass top dining tables to reduce reflection.


They are ideal for use in areas which lack natural light. Spotlighting is great when installed with dimmer switch which allows you to change the setting and tone of the room from dramatic to cosy.