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Must See UK Exhibitions 2016

Last year, after successfully featuring a list of the ‘Must See UK Exhibitions 2015‘, we are inspired to bring you a fresh list of the best UK exhibitions for this year.

Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones

Celebrating the most successful rock and roll band and their cultural legacy, both floors of the Saatchi gallery will be hosting over 500 artefacts of the band’s 50 year career, most of which belongs to the band members personal archives and has never been displayed to the public before.

The exhibition includes original stage designs, audio and video footage, rare instruments, personal diaries, iconic costumes, poster and album cover artwork and many more. Besides, the collection on exhibit, ‘Exhibitionism’ also features cinematic and interactive experiences which gives visitors an insight into ‘The Rolling Stones’ amazing 50 year history.

Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road London SW3 4RY

5 April – 4 September 2016

Shakespeare in Ten Acts

Marking the 400th death anniversary of William Shakespeare, the exhibition is a tribute to the playwright’s legacy. Not only is he responsible for introducing over 3000 words into the English dictionary but his work continues to inspire people across the world even today, as all the plays and sonnets written by him has been translated into every major language.

The exhibition highlights ten of Shakespeare’s great productions, from the first performance of hamlet in 1600 to the modified and reconstructed version of the same play in 2006. The show is an amalgamation of Shakespeare’s work that has been transformed, revised and translated to suit the times in which it is performed.
Also on display, apart from the productions, are costumes, rare artefacts and an insight into the life of the great playwright.

British Library
96 Euston Road London NW1 2DB

15 April – 6 September 2016



This object led exhibition unravels the multifaceted story behind who we call the ‘Celts’.  They were mostly identified with the extraordinary art objects in the form of symmetrical, abstract and enigmatic decorations on shields, swords, ornaments and other items.

According to the National Museum of Scotland, visitors can, ‘Discover magnificent Iron Age treasures adorned with intricate patterns and fantastic animals, rich with hidden meanings, which were used for feasting, religious ceremonies, adornment and warfare. Learn how these distinctive art styles were transformed and took on new influences in response to the expanding Roman world and the spread of Christianity. Then examine how the decorative arts of the late 19th century were inspired by different ideas about Europe’s past, and played a key role in defining what it meant to be Irish, Welsh, Scottish and British.’

National Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street
Edinburgh EH1 1JF

10 March – 25 September 2016


Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

The exhibition is an insight into the world of underwear and how it has transformed over the years, from an item worn underneath into an outerwear.  On display is over 200 items of underwear beginning from as early as 1750 to the present day.

According to V&A, ‘This exhibition explores the intimate relationship between underwear and fashion and its role in moulding the body to a fashionable ideal, with cut, fit, fabric and decoration revealing issues of gender, sex and morality.’

Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road,
London SW7 2RL

16 April 2016 – 12 March 2017


Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds

After years of research, archaeologists finally made a breakthrough and uncovered the two ancient Egyptian cities, ‘Thonis-Hercaleion’ and ‘Canopus’ mentioned in many mythologies, submerged beneath the Mediterranean Sea, near the coast of Alexandria for over 1000 years.

This exhibition is result of the findings, with over 200 items uncovered at the site. From sculpture, jewellery to everyday domestic items, the objects found are unique with very little Egyptian or Greek influences.

It is believed that the items uncovered are only a fraction of what still lies beneath the ocean bed and archaeologists are still continuing their excavation in fully retrieving these two cities.

British Museum
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DG

19 May – 27 November 2016


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