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The Most Creative Lighting Designs

Here is look at some of the most amazing, exciting and creative lighting concepts.

Greenhouse Lamp

The idea behind this beautiful lamp, designed by Kristýna Pojerová, is to grow herbs and other small plants within an urban setting.

It is shaped like a dome with cylindrical opening at the base that runs around the radius of the lamp which not only allows easy access inside the glass by hand for planting but also acts as the passage of light and ensures proper ventilation. The design creates a perfect natural microclimatic environment for plants to grow whilst utilising the otherwise wasted heat emitted from the bulb.

Lumio: The Portable Book-Shaped Light

Lighting designer Max Gunawan compares his creation to the portability of a laptop, which can be plugged in to be used as a permanent feature in a room or unplugged and used on the go with the battery lasting up to 8 hours.

This handy portable folding book lamp is designed after the likes of a Chinese lantern, which gives out a translucent glow from its pages that folds away into a compact book, made of wooden hardback cover, available in walnut, maple or cherry.

The wood cover comes with built in neodymium magnets that allows the light to stick to a variety of metal surfaces and also enables the light to stay fully folded out when the covers come into contact.
Moreover, the leather strap feature that comes with the light can be used to turn lumio it into a pendant lamp.

Ripple Bulbs

Poetic Lab’s ripple bulbs were designed to imitate the movement of water. The light consists of two unevenly hand blown glass domes that sits on brass bases with a G4 halogen light shining from inside the smaller dome through the larger dome as it slowly rotates creating a constant changing mix of light and shadow. The result is a ripple effect on the surfaces around it.

Hanhsi Chen, the designer says, ‘It’s not about designing a lamp, it’s about the experience and the emotion that is created by this moving light. The inspiration of the collection comes from the nature beauty of light and fluid matters. We try to capture the essence of light through its gentle movements, just as all the nature light do.’

Real Dandelions Light

This magical light is created by Takao Inoue, which looks like a shining dandelion frozen in time. The light is otherwise known as ‘OLED Tampopo’ derived from the Japanese word for ‘dandelion’ (Tampopo) and organic light emitting diodes (OLED).
The production process begins with carefully harvesting dandelions in springtime and then sealing it in a block of acrylic plastic. After which, the OLED light is implanted into the stem of the flower. Inoue explains that, ‘Production testing can only be done during a small time in the spring of the year. Dandelions need a very long time to be encapsulated. Plus, it took a few years until I reached the quality that I liked.’

Carved Gourd Fruit Lamp

The carved gourd fruit lamp or calabarte lamp is made from the dried and lignified calabash gourds which originate from Africa and Asia.  Artist Przemek Krawczyński, hand carves these gourds with the highest care for detail and transforms it into remarkable pieces which can be used as table, wall or pendant lights.

No two calabarte lamps are the same as Przemek aims for uniqueness in each and every piece he creates. ‘I started making gourd lamps in 2009 when, for the first time in my life, I accidently came across the gourd fruit. As soon as I made my first gourd lamp, I knew that I wanted to make another one and shortly after that it became my great passion’, explains Przemek.