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Cabinet lighting illuminates and focuses attention on the features of a room. The overall effect of cabinet lighting is to help transform a room and provide visual appeal. This type of lighting makes a big difference to the look and functionality of a room and is great for task lighting and reducing shadows cast by appliances and cabinets, creating an impressive ambience.

According to Nina Campbell, Interior Designer,

Never underestimate the importance of light. Light is one of those life-enhancing ingredients that are always worth spending time and money on to get it just right.

Cabinet Striplights

Cabinet striplights usually run the length of a cabinet for general lighting purposes and tend to be far much simpler to install compared to downlights. They can be mounted to a flexible ribbon of circuit board which can be bent around 90 degree corners and then attached to gradient surfaces.

Modern lighting has replaced the traditional fluorescent tubes with energy saving LEDs in striplights which last longer and provide brighter even lighting. You can choose from a variety of different lengths or linked it together to form a single long length.

They are ideal for concealed lighting schemes where the light fixture remains hidden and only the light it emits is visible.

Cabinet Downlights

They are single lights which are generally installed in twos or threes under cabinets to provide more focused illumination. These lights are designed to be seen and are installed slightly higher than striplights.

Cabinet downlights are available in round, square and triangular designs. Modern cabinet downlights come with energy saving LED bulbs which doesn’t produce any heat and are more expensive than the ones with halogen bulbs. Although, halogens are cheaper they generate a lot of heat and aren’t as eco-friendly.

Cabinet downlights are ideal if you want to provide focus and direct lighting on an area.

Round Lights

They are also known as ‘Puck Lights’ which are designed to be sturdy and striking. Puck lighting is often used for creating pools of light onto a cabinet and is very versatile. They can either be surface or recess mounted in any area.  

They are available in three different light sources, LED, halogen and xenon and can be powered with hardwire, plug in or battery. Xenon bulbs in particular do not have a filament so they last longer and also emit a brighter and whiter light. If you decide to go for xenon bulbs, make sure you check the fixtures first to see the amount of heat that will be transferring to the bottom of the cabinet.

Rope Lights

Rope lights are LED light strings which come inside a clear flexible plastic tube which protects the light and wiring. They are designed to be versatile and are great for easy lineal lighting.

They are available in 12, 24 or 120 volts and sold in bulk length that can be used as it is or can be cut shorter to suit any cabinet size.

Rope lights create a soft glow and produce more light than incandescent puck fixtures. They work best in uniformity so if you decide to use these lights, go for the same colour and voltage.

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